Berkshire Radon Technologies LLC


Exterior installation on a newer colonial home. The system discharge pipe and fan is mounted near the white corner board, blending in with it and the gutter drain pipe.

In this installation the system discharge pipe and fan is mounted in an obscure corner of the house and behind a shrub.

This installation mounted on the rear of the Log home. After a summer the PVC pipe can be painted. A color can be selected to blend in with the house color.
A typical view of the inside portion of the Mitigation system. A U-tube Manometer is mounted on the pipe, so the system performance can be visually monitored On the wall to the right is the system power switch, so the fan voltage can be turned off for service. The fan on the outside applies a vacuum under the concrete slab and draws the Radon gas out.

Close-up of the U-tube Manometer which is installed on the inside pipe. This U-tube will display the amount of vacuum in the pipe, indicating the amount of vacuum and confirming satisfactory operation. As long as the two sides are uneven, there is vacuum in the system.
Inside run: the discharge pipe is routed from the basement to the attic through closets.
The fan is installed in a non-livable attic space. It has its own outlet and dedicated circuit breaker.
The discharge pipe coming through the roof. This can be white or black pvc piping, and looks much like a plumbing stack.